Tabriz to Shiraz

Tabriz to Shiraz
Sarah Pannell

64 pages, 27 x 21.5cm, singer-sewn with hardcover
Perimeter Editions 045
Edition of 600

Publication date: April 2019
Printed in the Netherlands
Published by Perimeter Editions & Hillvale
Melbourne, Australia

Editors: Dan Rule & Justine Ellis

Design: Daly & Lyon
Translations: Alireza Khaksaran
Supported by the Hillvale Project Grant

Tabriz to Shiraz  draws on a vibrant series of photographs taken during her travels through Iran in 2016 and 2017, which saw her navigate vast stretches of the country. On her first visit, she travelled from the capital, Tehran, north to Qazvin and west to Tabriz, south to Isfahan and Shiraz, and east to Kerman and Yazd, while on her second trip she explored regions such as the Gilan Province, which borders the Caspian Sea, and Kurdistan in the mountainous region bordering Iraq.
Beyond that of a mere travelogue, the book assumes a position that flits between the poetic, intimate, incisive and playful in its un-layering of contemporary Iran’s visual, cultural and architectural languages and subjectivities. Across photographic modes spanning portraiture, landscape, architecture and impromptu formalism, Pannell offers a series of vantages on a place that proves at once familiar, foreign and happily jarring in its multiplicity.

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Exhibition install: Hillvale Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, April 2019

16 framed works, edition of 5